Red Grape

Red Grape Anti-ageing Serum

Active ingredients: Red Grape, against free radicals. Pomegranate Extract, with anti-ageing and hydrating properties. Coenzyme Q10, with antioxidant and anti-wrinkle action. Hyaluronic Acid, with intensive hydrating action. Liftonin, with intensive firming properties. Vitamin E, with antioxidant action. Aloe*, for intensive natural moisturizing. Olive oil* with nourishing, emollient and antioxidant properties.

Face serum with an intensive lifting result. Rich in nourishing ingredients with hydrating, anti-ageing and anti-oxidant properties. The high quality active ingredients, such as Liftonin with intensive firming action and Coenzyme Q10, that prevent wrinkles, enrich this serum’s formula. Rejuvenates skin while giving a direct lift and youthful longlasting appearance.

*Organically cultivated

30ml e / 1.01 oz