The primary concern of the company BODYFARM HELLAS SA is to present the conditions that govern the rights and obligations of BODYFARM HELLAS SA to all of you who will visit the sites of the company. Moreover, is intended to inform you about your rights and responsibilities in order to serve you in the best way concerning the products that you want to buy from our store.


Privacy Policy

In order to begin this cooperation between you and our company it is necessary to inform us on your personal data. When you place an order, you have to give us your full name, the address where we will send the products, the number of a fix phone (or any other convenient phone number), your email address (e-mail address), etc. In case you prefer to pay by credit card we need from you the number and the expiry date.

At BODYFARM HELLAS S.A. we follow the principles of data protection provided by laws and international conventions. BODYFARM HELLAS S.A won’t make any illegal use without your approval. BODYFARM HELLAS S.A. it is not possible to disclose, publish, sell, or exchange your personal data and information that you gave to us with a complete trust. BODYFARM HELLAS S.A. will use your personal date – only if it is obligatory from a public authority, court, etc- it will be under the laws. BODYFARM HELLAS SA reserves the right to inform the suppliers, with sales statistics, but there is no case to contain your personal information.

In case you wish to change your personal information, to limit or to cancel some of your personal information, by completing the electronic form. Then you have to get in contact with us in order to send your request to the bank for the deletion of the data concerning the number of your card. (We need also to inform you that in case you do not buy products for a certain period with the number that you already used for your previous orders the system will automatically  deletes your personal data).

Availability: For all the products listed in our online store BODYFARM HELLAS SA there are clear indications of the availability of the goods in our warehouse. So you can easily check the availability of the products before you place an order.

BODYFARM HELLAS S.A. is not responsible for any attack by hackers to steal personal information (from the users), but even in this case the users of a credit card are ensured since in our system the CVV code of the card is not saved. (Please check paragraph (4) concerning the data of the number of the card).

Advertising: BODYFARM HELLAS SA enables users to choose if they want or not to receive information to their email address, which include new products, new discount prices with discount coupons etc. BODYFARM HELLAS S.A. is not going to take advantage of the above service. In case that the users choose to stop receiving advertising information they can send en email to our address (contact us option) indicating that they do not want to receive any email which include advertisements. In this way we remove you from the specified list.

Cookies: BODYFARM HELLAS SA, like most of the web sites in the internet uses cookies, in order to have access to certain information every time you navigate with a web browser in our e-shop. It will be impossible to provide essential services such as personal settings, storing items in the shopping cart, status order, without the use of cookies. Cookies are alphanumeric files safely transferred to the hard disk of your computer through the Internet to offer services such as those mentioned above. (We do not include personal information on your computer because it is not possible. The cookies of browsers are configured in such a way to the software that you have on your pc, so they can use only those information, as it is already mentioned above, and not the register or other information of other computers.
Moreover, concerning the browser settings, you can choose to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies or you can receive a notification every time that a new cookie will be installed on your hard disk. Nevertheless you should be aware that in case you refuse cookies from being saved on your hard disk you will not be able to use some of our services.

Modification of the terms: BODYFARM HELLAS SA reserves the right to modify or update the terms and conditions of trade.

Governing Law: All transactions made through BODYFARM HELLAS SA governed by international and European law that regulates issues relating to e-commerce as well as the Consumer Protection Law always in accordance with the provisions of greek law. 2472/1997 on the protection of personal data and the greek law. 3471/2006 on the protection of data in the context of electronic commerce, as applicable each time.


Using the services of

The Client must respect the property rights of third parties when he uses the services of the e-shop respects the intellectual property rights of third parties (as they described in the corresponding paragraph), to observe the terms of use and provides true personal data, delivery information and payment as required in the page “My Account” in order to ensure the best possible service. Also the client is committed not make use of the services of the e-shop for committing offenses under the law of the Greek State. In case of fake information the online store has the right to refuse service and / or completing and sending the order.

The Client agrees that he will not make use of the e-shop or post, send by e-mail or transmit content that is illegal, harmful or offensive to and the users of the site, or for something that the client has no right to broadcast. In the end, the Customer agrees that members, partners, shareholders and employees of are not responsible for any problems arising from non-members who are using the site of Any use opposite to the above except penalties or civil penalties can cause the termination of provided services without a notice.

The use of services provided by the online store and client’s registration as well implies that the customer accepts the Terms of Use with no conditions. Please do not proceed to a registration or place an order if you do not accept those terms. The online store has the right to modify those Terms any time it seems necessary, without a prior notice to the Customer, except their publishing on the website.


Advice: Do not give to third parties your username, your password and your personal data concerning the payment details of the online store.


The online store has the right to modify or to stop the services with or without a prior notice. Internet is not a secure environment and the online store is not responsible for any data loss or other damage to the receiver or third persons due to a delay in transmission, interception, tampering or infection by virus. The receiver is the sole responsible person to protect the system from virus and every email that he accepts. and contributors are not responsible for the creation and maintenance of any direct or indirect loss arising from the use of this site, data transmission, or potential violations of use. We remind you that our company is doing every possible effort to create safe and pleasant environment transactions.



The content of such as text, images, photographs, trademarks and graphics are the sole property of the e-shop and its associates. Is prohibited any copying, reproduction or retransmission of the material without the written consent of online stores or associates. It is protected by Greek and International Law of Protection Copyrights and any offenders will be persecuted legally.